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The Writer’s Eye Literary Competition

Connecting Writers with the Creative Vision of Artists

The Writer’s Eye Literary Competition is Creative York’s annual writing competition. This competition links the inspiration of writers with the creative vision of artists. Participants are asked to view a specific exhibit, held during the fall in our main gallery, and write a poem or short story in response. This competition is open to anyone in 4th grade or above and entries will be judged based on age categories. Winners get the chance to read their piece aloud at our awards ceremony, as well as be published in our Writer’s Eye booklet!

Creative York offers free gallery tours for groups of 5-25 people who would like to learn more about the exhibition on display before writing their piece. If you would like to schedule a gallery tour, please contact us at 717-848-3200 or email Mikayla Becket at [email protected].

The Writer’s Eye Competition 2023-2024 Winners: 

Grades 4-6
1st Place: Blaire Jones
2nd Place: Mackenzie Dalton
3rd Place: Mallie Rowand
Honorable Mention: Luca Hetrick
Grades 7-9
1st Place: Lillian Wright
2nd Place: Kyla Rogers
3rd Place: Quentin Zeiders
Honorable Mention: Aaron Fetter
Grades 10-12
1st Place: Matthew Yost
2nd Place: Morgan Wehrle
3rd Place: Charlie Bupp
Honorable Mention: Veronika Falevich-Saavedra
Honorable Mention: Sophia Yang
1st Place: Ann Cwiklinski
2nd Place: Jon Shorr
3rd Place: Jenna Reedy
Honorable Mention: Angel A. Pritts

Students and teachers from West York High School during their gallery tour at Creative York.

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