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Stephen Michael Haas

Artist Professional Development: Hear Yourself Louder

Saturday, May 20th from 1-3pm

Non-Member Price: $25.00
Age: 15+
Instructor: Stephen Michael Haas

Work directly with artist Stephen Michael Haas on how to navigate the world of being a working artist. Haas will lecture on his experience, while sharing advice and later turning it over to the students to discuss their experiences to cultivate a conversation on growing your career as an artist.

View an episode of Stephen Michael Haas’ video series HERE

“I believe many of us miss out on much of what we’re capable of because we settle, or because we don’t even know what we want in the first place

With so many competing voices, all of society’s standards and distractions, chances are you find it hard to sort out what you truly want amongst all the rubbish.

Whether you’re an artist, salesperson, athlete, whatever – you could use more of you. More of your hunches and intuitions, more of your creativity, more of your own encouragement.

Hear Yourself Louder is a workshop designed to teach you how connect to yourself on a deeper level and pursue your dreams more authentically.

Are you ready to hear yourself louder?”

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