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Amie Bantz

Exhibition Spotlight Workshop: Amie Bantz: Lunchbox Moments

November 17th, 6-8pm. Ages 15+

Location: Creative York Main Classroom
Instructor: Amie Bantz
Price: $35.00
Lunchbox moments are the formative occurrences in many Asian American kids’ lives where a traditional Asian meal is eaten at school and peers in the lunchroom have some reaction, whether it be positive or negative. These stories make up a collective identity that is equal parts profound, beautiful, comical, and heartbreaking. In order to share these stories and empower the AAPI community in light of recent attacks on Asian Americans in the U.S., artist Amie Bantz has created an art installation: Lunchbox Moments: Seek Understanding. Share Stories. Stop Hate. Bantz collects narratives from members of the AAPI community and physically writes their stories onto spray-painted lunch boxes. This visual representation of storytelling showcases the Asian-American experience. It empowers marginalized voices by providing a platform to raise awareness and eliminate hate in the AAPI community.
In this workshop, participants will have time to hear, reflect, and share stories revolving around identity, food, and culture. Participants will be led through techniques on how to design and create their own story on a metal lunchbox that will be optional to display alongside the other ‘lunchbox moments’ pieces in the exhibition space.