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Rosa Catterall

April 15, 2021
15 Apr 2021

As a Latina immigrant from Peru, Rosa Luz Catterall expresses a curiosity to understand people, cultures and community. This led her to pursue careers as a social worker, an art therapist and a self taught artist. Her work in the community focuses on themes that address cultural diversity, hope and healing and creates spaces that promote support and safety to express freely. The unique qualities that she brings to her practice help connect with people on a human level.

Rosa Luz was born in Peru and grew up in the U.S. from the age of nine in Queens, New York.  She graduated from Queens College with a B.A. in Sociology. Rosa Luz completed her graduate education at N.Y.U. and practices as a bilingual licensed social worker and a registered art therapist. She is an independent contractor for Hershey Medical Center, Conewago Place Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment, Wellspan, and Olivia’s House.  She has an art studio/gallery at Marketview Arts where she paints, plans community projects and coordinates art wellness groups . Rosa Luz has made a commitment to give back to the community. In the past five years she has volunteered as an art therapist at York County Prison Women’s Wing and participated on mission trips to Guatemala and Ethiopia. Most recently she is a board member of Creative York and  an active participant in the Racial Equity  and Gallery Committee.

Toni McGraw

March 8, 2021
08 Mar 2021

My name is Toni McGraw and from a very young age I knew that when I grew-up, I wanted to be an artist. I paint and I paint a variety of subjects most of them using acrylic. In addition to painting, the challenge of creating a new function and making pretty work out of discarded common items interests me as well. I hope these artworks, that have been created using using common discarded items, bring awareness to our fragile environment. As a child I took sporadic private lessons, throughout my life I took risks and seized many art opportunities. I have painted many murals (Challenger Space Center, Arizona) and have taught High School Art. I have and continue to exhibit my art in many of the local Harrisburg and surrounding area galleries. I love art as much today as I did as a child. I am an artist!

Anita Williams

March 5, 2021
05 Mar 2021

Anita Williams loves to make art.  Nature, movement and color have long been her inspiration. Anita seeks to find the magical element in nature, whether it is in trees or flowers, waterways or twisting vines.  She hopes to transfer her sense of beauty to her audience.

Anita grew up in on the New Jersey shore.  She met her husband while living as a young adult in Philadelphia and moved to York County 35 years ago.   She earned her Bachelors in Art Education at Millersville University while raising her two daughters.   Anita taught Art at Spring Grove Area School District for 15 years. While teaching, Anita earned an M.S. in Education from Wilkes University and an MFA in Visual Arts from Wilson College in 2017.  Anita retired from teaching in June and has been working as a full time artist ever since.  She has a studio on the third floor above the Handsome Cab restaurant in York.

Karla Myers

March 4, 2021
04 Mar 2021

Karla Myers brings her love of beauty and the created order to the art classroom and studio. Mrs. Myers received her bachelors degree in Art Education from Kutztown University, a degree which she used abundantly in homeschooling her 8 children. Most recently, Mrs. Myers has been conducting art workshops within the local
community and for her neighbors and friends. Mrs. Myers often incorporates art history into her lessons, and she enjoys the use of many varied media and surfaces, including watercolor, oil pastels, ceramics, acrylics, chalks, collage, wood, tempera, and markers.

Members’ Exhibit Information

March 31, 2020
31 Mar 2020

Due to Covid 19, Creative York’s Member exhibition will be showcased online in early June with the intention of being on display in the Kerlin Gallery from October 1-November 14, 2020.  The theme for this exhibit is hope and resilience.


Participation in the Creative York Members Exhibit is open to all 2020 Creative York Artist Members or artists who would like to become members. Fine art and fine craft in all mediums are acceptable. Entries must be original, completed within the past two years, and not previously shown at Creative York. Work should be of high quality and craftsmanship. 


For information about membership visit: https://creativeyork.org/membership/


• All entries must be received by June 8, 2020.

• Due to space limitations, each artist may enter up to two pieces, no larger than 36” in any direction.

• All entries must include properly labeled digital images, and an artist bio.

• All entries must be submitted via email (gallery@creativeyork.org), in jpeg format at 300 dpi and not larger than 3MB in size. Please label image file with artist’s name and piece dimensions using this format (Example: jones_HxW.jpg). Please write “2020 Members Exhibit” and artist’s name on email subject line.

• Entries must be of work available for the exhibition that has been completed in the last two years.

• Entries must not have been previously exhibited at Creative York.

• We hope to include ALL submitted artwork, however in the instance of more artwork submitted than we can hang in an orderly fashion, a lottery system will be used to select final artwork.

• Artwork drop-off TBD

• Artwork must be framed / ready to hang, or otherwise ready to display. 

• Emailed entries must arrive prior to or on June 8, 2020 to gallery@creativeyork.org.

Holly Davis

June 13, 2018
13 Jun 2018

Holly Davis BWHolly Davis is an artist, wife and mom from York, PA. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Beaver College, completed her PA Art teaching certification through Millersville University, and received her Masters in Education from Wilkes University. She also studied at Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Holly has exhibited work throughout Pennsylvania, in Scotland, and in North Carolina, and she was the recipient of a PA State Grant for the Arts. Holly loves clay and teaching art, especially ceramics. She has taught artists of every age and has a passion for sharing her appreciation of clay with those she gets to work with.

Lara McKusky

June 13, 2018
13 Jun 2018

Lara McKusky holds a dual BA in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies from the Notre Dame of Maryland University, magna cum laude. She is also a graduate of The Brainery: Online Speculative Fiction Writing Workshops and Resources, having taken the Short Fiction course on a scholarship. Finally, her writing credits include Technorati, Today’s Mama–Parenting Column for York, PA, and Fresh Fiction.

In addition to writing, Lara has been a lifelong artist, and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh—Online Division, getting over 40 credits in graphic design under her belt before life intervened. Lara’s artwork often reflects her love of reading, fantasy, detail and high contrast.

Elizabeth Morrison

June 13, 2018
13 Jun 2018

Elizabeth Morrison has been a watercolor artist for 50 years and counting.  Also working as a classroom teacher for 17 years, she has had a great deal of experience teaching beginners the ins and out of this fascinating material. At Creative York she has teaches fibers and painting classes in the Teen Art House program, leads Arts Discovery Camps over the summers, and holds art classes for adults and children.

Kate Rush

June 13, 2018
13 Jun 2018

Kate Rush CookKate is a mother of two daughters and a self-taught artist who resides in York, PA. She has been an active member in York County and the State of Pennsylvania as a Crime Victim’s Rights Advocate and  has recently returned to her artistic roots. Kate enjoys working with a variety of artistic mediums, designing adult coloring book pages, and creating custom art pieces and commissions.  Kate regularly participates in group exhibits at Hive artspace and other artistic opportunities as they become available. She loves sharing her passion for the arts with children and teenagers. Presently, Kate is working as a program monitor for Teen Art House and teaching private art lessons through Creative York.

2016 Creative York Awards Honorees

October 11, 2016
11 Oct 2016

kathy-buteraKathy Butera
Guy Alosa President’s Award, sponsored by Donna Sylvester and Fred Flaccavento

Kathy Butera, former member of Creative York’s Board of Directors, played an integral role in stabilizing the young YorkArts and propelling the organization into the Creative York it is today. Kathy dedicated her time, energy, and passion for 12 years on the Board of Directors, six of those as President, and many more beyond that as a volunteer.

Kathy was instrumental in Creative York’s development, both in renovating its physical space on Beaver Street and introducing concepts for programs that continue today. She was the construction liaison during the first capital campaign to obtain a building in 1999, then served on the Capital Campaign Council for the recent Capital Campaign in 2015. When the bylaws required updating in order to protect the integrity of the growing organization, she stepped up and played a major role.

Creative York currently offers hundreds of classes with a focus on arts education for everyone, and that concept had its roots with Kathy. Many years ago she created the Girl Scout Program, the organization’s first organized educational programming, which laid the foundation for expansive class offerings since then. The mission to provide arts education was honed through her leadership.

Twenty-six years ago, when Creative York was the grassroots YorkArts, there weren’t other organizations doing what they were doing. She and others planted the seeds, and it is rewarding to see what has bloomed downtown because of their passion and determination.

When Kathy and her husband moved back to York more than 30 years ago, Kathy reached out to Guy and Georgette Alosa. She was seeking a way to volunteer her time, to be involved in the arts in York. Kathy was proactive about making change, and this has made all the difference. Since then, she has witnessed many future leaders come through the volunteer ranks at Creative York; they have gone on to become teachers, art store owners, senior staff at Creative York, and leaders of other arts organizations.

Kathy is inspired by the younger generation who has embraced the city and settled in downtown York. Her hope for York is that the arts will continue to grow and bring more people into the City, becoming a destination and model for other cities.

“Art can let us see the world in a different light. Everything you see around you is somehow touched by creativity – the buildings we live and work in, the furnishings within, the books we read, the colors we see, the clothes we wear, the songs we hear – mostly because of the people who create, nurture, and inspire others.” – Kathy Butera

img_6465Ophelia Chambliss
Artist Award, sponsored by Bambi and George Long III

Ophelia Chambliss is an influential artist; she is the type of artist whose art goes beyond the canvas, beyond a profession.

She is a graphic designer, visual artist, and adjunct professor. So far, she has had 16 solo exhibits, participated in five special exhibitions and/or lectures and 166 group shows around the country. She has nine permanent installations and notable commissions, and 29 public and permanent art items throughout Central PA. But her art is also her personal mission. She uses it to better the world – to empower young people, to bridge the gap of race relations and self-segregation. She sees art as a means to connect disparate groups for the greater good.

Ophelia has been invited to speak and present her work to schools as well as private organizations. Following her presentations, she often hears that she is “more than an artist”, as her presentations go beyond the visual image and what the viewer can see, to the message, what she calls the “back story” behind it.

Her presentations leave the viewer visually entertained, but also mentally stimulated to think of and see things differently.

Using art as a language to work with marginalized populations, Ophelia works with adjudicated youth who have social, personal, and academic challenges while being within the system. She doesn’t teach the methods of artmaking, instead she uses her art to teach youth and others difficult concepts like mathematics, rhetoric, and quantum physics. The visual support helps her students discover strengths they did not realize they have, experience success, and solve problems.

Ophelia is an artist, a professional, a community activist and an art advocate. She creates profound visual works, but then takes the extra step to teach us how to engage with them.

 “I feel that art is powerful, art inspires. Art is a means of Persuasion, Translation, and Education. Art is a tool, a techne, and for some, it is a language.” – Ophelia Chambliss

carolineKimman’s Co.
Business Award, sponsored by YCEA

Downtown is booming. Developers and community members are enhancing the different districts, people are moving into the city, and visitors are coming from all over for First Fridays and other special events. But it wasn’t always that way.

When Caroline Morris first opened her premier gift shop Kimman’s 12 years ago, the block on Beaver St. and Philadelphia St. was pretty “dismal”. There was Central Market, the White Rose, a maternity shop with limited hours, and the Camera Center. But Caroline loved downtown; she and her husband lived in the Yorktowne when they first moved to York in the 90’s, their church is downtown, and they frequented Central Market every Saturday. She was drawn to the vitality of city life.

Kimman’s has had several growth spurts since 2004. They’ve expanded three times, and now occupy about five times their original space. However, Caroline doesn’t confine herself to her shop space. She has been involved in improving downtown in several important ways, including serving on the Board of Directors and committees for organizations such as Downtown Inc., York Little Theater, and the Strand Capitol, and leading the Beaver St. Merchant Group with Melissa Grove of Sweet Melissa’s for eight years.

Caroline’s business acumen in finance and sales is something we all are benefiting from now. Caroline set the stage for other small businesses to thrive downtown. She joined forces with her neighbor Sweet Melissa’s to market downtown as a destination place to shop. She dedicated herself to Kimman’s and her customers, setting longer and reliable business hours, and spearheading monthly First Fridays to get people downtown. She helped build the audience that has allowed other boutiques to settle downtown and be successful.


 “One of my accounting professors in undergraduate school told us that creativity would be the strongest asset we would bring to any endeavor. Who knew that a number cruncher would say something to me that 40 years later still resonates each day? We are constantly improving, and always looking for ways to do it better or different.” – Caroline Morris, owner of Kimman’s Co.

gregGreg Wimmer
Educator Award, sponsored by York College of Pennsylvania

Greg Wimmer is a social studies educator at Central York High School, where he has taught for twelve years. Central York School District’s philosophy is that education is a customized experience for all learners. With the support of an innovative administration, what Greg is doing with his students is truly pioneering a new way of delivering secondary education, focused on depth of information as opposed to amount of information, with a shifting emphasis from content to thinking skills.

Greg’s own teaching philosophy contains two ideas: There is a story about humanity in every learning experience; build opportunities for students to understand it and add to it. Thinking skills are paramount; push students to “think different.”

In many ways, Greg’s students are learning social and global study concepts the same way art students explore art concepts: through process and projects.

Just last year, Greg and two of his fellow teachers – English educator Wes Ward, and Art educator Jim Grandi – created a program called Apollo. In the Apollo program, students get a choice over content, style, and project, which naturally develops their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Each project has to include an English, social studies, and art component. The projects are completely student-directed under a broad theme, with the three educators serving as learning facilitators and advisors.

Greg opens his students’ eyes to possibilities of learning – he doesn’t believe in staying confined to the silo of his subject, because that’s not how life works, and that’s not how inspiration works. His global studies now includes a long-term project called PANc (PAN meaning all, c meaning community), in a conscious effort to pair global issues and the York community. Students focus on a global issue, explore it through art, and then connect it locally. Culminating presentations have been short films, a photography installation, a musical collaboration, and an awards presentation.

Not only does Greg take a very creative approach to teaching, but he nurtures creativity within every student by giving them autonomy over their learning experience. They are each the sculptor of their own education.

 “I want students to have faith in the learning process. Every student has a different pathway to obtaining and sharing information. They also need every opportunity to create. As educators, we need to foster and design learning that pushes students to construct their ideas and make connections that they have never seen before.” – Greg Wimmer


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