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The Art Lab Exhibits

Current Installation in the Art Lab

Inhale/Exhale by Richard Babusci

May 30th-July 20th, 2024

Inhale/Exhale is an interactive exhibit of original paintings and video art by Richard Babusci which explores themes of change, grief, and new beginnings. These cycles of starts and endings, meetings and partings, births and deaths, which we all face one way or another throughout our lives, connect us in a way that is uniquely human.  With his artwork, Richard reflects on his personal journey through a season of death and loss, inviting viewers to respond.  Visit, and experience the art by not only viewing, but contributing a postcard from your own journey, as well.

An opening reception will be held at Creative York on Thursday, May 30 from 6 to 8pm.

Upcoming Installations in the Art Lab

Letter Love by Mel Rodgers

August 1-September 14, 2024

Letter Love is the evidence of one designer’s ongoing experimentation with the vast variety of expressive productions that letterforms make possible. From the handmade to the digital, one-of-a-kinds to multiples, wry humor to personal pathos, there is something for everyone who likes images and stories.

View Mel’s website here.


Believe in Beyond by Brad Blair

October 3-November 16, 2024

The unknown, uncertain and unexplained are the driving forces behind my creative process. Many of my newest sculptures have references to the fungi kingdom, a source of inspiration that has exploded for me over the past few years. The diversity of their shapes and colors, paired with their elusiveness and mysteriousness, have inspired me to incorporate them into my artwork. Primarily made from clay, my sculptures also include other elements carefully added with great attention to detail. These non-clay parts adorn the works and either blend seamlessly with the ceramic base, or contrast it, adding visual interest. My otherworldly artworks provoke wonder and examination, generating an intangible human experience through curiosity, caution, attraction and fear. While some are symbolic of situations encountered around our world, all of these obscure oddities help convey a message regarding this mysterious life we live, in a universe yet to be fully explored. Do you believe in beyond?


Experimental, Immersive, Thought-Provoking Art Wanted

the art lab

Creative York announces an open call for artists to submit proposals for the Art Lab for 2023. The Art Lab is a space to introduce and cultivate new work that contributes to the cultural growth of York and our community.

The Art Lab installations go beyond “art exhibit” into the realm of experimental, interactive, engaging installations. It’s the space to explore and push boundaries, to go beyond “viewer and art” to “participant and art”.

Click Here for Art Lab Proposal