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Community Gallery Collaborations

Current Exhibit

Out Door Country Club: Joanna Tice

July 31-September 23, 2023

Joanna “Joey” Tice is a Modern Impressionist Artist from York. Tice holds a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Joanna’s journey of being an Artist is filled with hope to invite fun, color, nostalgia, positivity, and self-guided interpretation in her work.

Learn more about Joanna’s work HERE.


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Upcoming Collaborative Exhibits

September 25-November 18, 2023

Mary Moores

Many of us lead busy lives full of digital distractions, so Mary strives to notice the overlooked beauty of everyday life. As a result, she sees paintings everywhere she goes. Moores is inspired by how the sun illuminates morning dew on her backfield, how deep smile lines around someone’s eye tell the story of a happy life, and how traffic lights reflect colors onto the wet pavement on a rainy night. Mary tells stories with her art based on how light transforms objects into contrasting light and dark patterns. We need both of these opposites to better appreciate the other one. This is the same in life. We need light and dark to bring meaning to our shared human experience. In her paintings, Mary wants to invite viewers to pause and see the wonder of the world around them, even if found simply in how light falls on an object. With art, she captures treasured memories of places and people that become family heirlooms.

Growing up in the countryside of Frederick, Maryland, Mary learned to value the natural landscape and the diligent work ethic of the farming community. She studied drawing, art history, printmaking, painting, and sculpture at West Virginia University and Lacoste School of Arts in France, graduating with a teaching degree and a Bachelor of Fine Arts emphasis in pottery. Mary spent several stints teaching, drawing portraits, and operating a successful pottery business until she chose to invest my creative efforts in staying home to raise a family.

Throughout Mary’s art career, she has always appreciated the connection between the mark of the artist’s hand indicating how something is made. This led her to choose pastels as her primary method of expression. The pure pigment in the tool of pastels allows the most immediate translation between her and her surface.

As her children become more independent, she is renewing her efforts to make art.

Learn more about Mary’s work here.


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