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Just Getting Started, Collecting Cultural Icons Part 1

February 12, 2015
12 Feb 2015

YorkArts Presents:


Every Spring, YorkArts puts together an exhibit celebrating “the Art Collector”, an exhibition series which we call Collecting Cultural Icons. This year we are dividing the Collecting Cultural Icons  series into two parts, (compared to the usual one), to broaden the concept of what it means to collect art.

So many people have this notion that collecting art is a hobby reserved for the few, when in fact it’s something anyone can enjoy being a part of. That’s what Just Getting Started is all about. You don’t have to own a Picasso, or have enough art to fill a museum to be considered a collector.

Just Getting Started will feature artwork from the following private collectors:

  • Amy Chamberlin
  • Colleen Dwyer & Mark Broomell
  • Kelley & Joel Gibson
  • Josh Hankey
  • Joanne Shannon
  • Kevin & Jen Schreiber

On behalf of Art Collecting Month, YorkArts will be posting testimonials from these local art collectors throughout April. Visit our Collectors’ Testimonial Page

An opening reception for Just Getting Started will be held on Thursday, April 2nd from 6pm to 8pm at the YorkArts Gallery. The event is free and all are welcome. Just Getting Started will be on display at YorkArts April 2 – 25, 2015.

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  • *gallery tours available by appointment

More on Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started was created to expand people’s concept of collecting art. Too many people have convinced themselves that collecting art is a hobby reserved for the few, when in fact, it can be enjoyed by the masses. You don’t have to own a Picasso or have enough art to fill a museum to be considered a collector; you simply have to allow yourself to be moved by art, and make the decision to bring it into your home. Regardless of whether you spend $10 or $10mil. on works of art, it’s indulging in that urge own original works, that makes a true collector.

The collectors have generously offered to share 3-6 pieces of art from their still-building collections. Each mini-collection on display is vastly different from the next, and acts a distinctive reflection of its owner. Please join YorkArts in celebrating Art Collecting Month and the collectors whose passion inspired this unique exhibit by attending the opening reception, Thursday, April 2, 6-8pm at YorkArts Gallery, 10 N Beaver St., or by stopping in during gallery hours. This exhibit will be on display Apr 2 – 25, 2015.

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