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A Message from the Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

January 15, 2015
15 Jan 2015

A community is made up of many parts: business, sports, education, the arts. Art — and access to art — defines the cultural maturity of a community.

For the past 25 years, YorkArts has been a leader in bringing art and art classes to the York community. Sustaining and expanding arts education are priorities of YorkArts. Under the banner of “Thriving Communities Start with Creativity,” we are proud to co-chair a campaign to raise $1.3 million for this valued organization.

We see YorkArts as:

  • A portal for children to have their first exposure to art. As some school districts reduce or eliminate art from their curriculum, YorkArts gives youth the opportunity to experience the wonders of art — especially through the Art in the Parks summer program.
  • A showcase for teenage artists to present their works in a gallery setting through exhibits at the nearby CityArts, the second gallery venue of YorkArts.
  • A resource for adults and children to express themselves through art and pottery classes and nurture their creativity.
  • A professional gallery to house quality exhibitions by local, regional, and national artists, as well as a venue for local collectors to share their favorite works.
  • An economic driver. Recall the first block of North Beaver Street 25 years ago. Now, look at it today — the heart of a thriving arts and business district.

For all of these reasons, we ask you to join us as YorkArts continues to make a difference in so many lives of our fellow York Countians through education, outreach, and sustainability.

— Bill and Kim Kerlin, Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

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