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Creative York’s Kerlin Gallery – 2019 Exhibits

Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Admission: FREE

All Kerlin Gallery exhibits are curated by our Director of Exhibitions unless otherwise noted.

January 3 – February 16, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, January 3 • 6-8 pm
BLUE is a group exhibit of artworks featuring blue as the predominant color or focal point. With artworks by: Peg Belcastro, Pamela Black, Robert Buchanan, Holly Davis, Valerie Dillon, Ellen Engdahl Ehlenbeck, Rob Evans, Beth Fowler, Jonathan Frazier, Bonnie Gloris, Cheryl Handy, Judeth Pekala Hawkins, Jodi Hoover, Gale Jamieson, Jessica Lee, Christine Mercer-Vernon, Janice Moore, Fiel Patricio, Sue Reno, Julie Riker, Justin Ritmiller, Nicole Smeltzer, Andrew T Smith, Linda Sommer, Adrienne Stein, Marion K Stephenson, Anita Williams, Kim Jordan Wojciechowski, Autumn Wright, and Terri Yacovelli.

February 28 – April 20, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday February 28 • 6-8 pm
IDENTITY is a group exhibit of artworks examining the various components that make up our identities, be it cultural, historical, gender-based, physical, intellectual, adaptive, transformative, or any of the many other elements and experiences that shape and define who we are. Each artwork is presented with a statement by the artist, encouraging a connection between the artwork and viewer, and hopefully sparking conversations beyond the exhibit itself. Participating artists: Ibiyinka Alao, Rosa Luz Catterall, Abigail Crone, Miguel Cruz-Cuevas, Michael W. Dugger, Shelby Elaine / Inclusive Arts Movement York, Brigitte Errickson, Lexus Gore, Gale Jamieson, Judeth Pekala Hawkins, Stephen March, Allison Moats, Janice Moore, Doug Puller, Jimmy Purkey, Ivy Rodgers, Dillon Samuelson, Debra Strausbaugh, Mary Louise Sullivan, James Tompkins, d. g. walczyk, Alyssa Waller, Leah Limpert Walt, Kay Wrenn, and Terri Yacovelli.

May 2 – June 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2 • 6-8 pm
A group exhibit showcasing available works by some of the artists featured in our April 27th Art In Residence gala event (a one-night-only exhibit of works from privately-owned collections). Participating artists: Niles S. Benn, Lexus Gore, Brittany Lee Howard, Katelyn Lau, Julie Riker, Linda Sommer, Polly Stetler, and Frances Donnelly Wolf. Plus a very special appearance of a piece by a world-famous artist on the opening night only!

July 1 – August 10, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11 • 6-8 pm
Creative York is proud to showcase a selection of artworks by our artist members. Participating artists include Niles Benn, Ange Bentivegna, Victor E. Brown, Kathy Butera, Rosa Luz Catterall, Peter Danko, Ellen Engdahl Ehlenbeck, Paul  Godfrey, Chris  Gold, Michael Hower, Deanna Lamour, Carla B. Long, Christine Mercer-Vernon, Mary Moores, Carol Oldenburg, Suzanne Rende, Julie Riker, Clifton Santiago, Andrew T. Smith, Marion  Stephenson, Debra Strausbaugh, Patricia Tomes, James E. Tompkins, Chad Whitaker, Rita Whitney, Anita Williams, Darrell L. Wilt, Terri Yacovelli.

August 23 – November 16, 2019 (Dates extended!)

Sponsored by Glatfelter Insurance
Artist Reception: Thursday, October 3 • 6-8 pm

Creative York is very proud to partner with York City Special Events for the 2019 Yorkfest Adult Juried Art Exhibition. This year’s juried artists include: Pamela J. Black (Dillsburg, PA), Ashley Moog Bowlsbey (Windsor, PA), Lauren Delk (Mechanicsburg, PA), Ellen Engdahl Ehlenbeck (York, PA), Paul Gallo (Middletown, PA), Judeth Pekala Hawkins (Airville, PA), Christine Mercer-Vernon (York, PA), Mary Moores (Abbottstown, PA), Carol Oldenburg (York, PA), Cynthia R. Owens (York, PA), Troy Patterson (York, PA), Elaina Posey (Lancaster, PA), Doug Puller (Red Lion, PA), Suzanne Rende (York, PA), Julie Riker (Camp Hill, PA), Clifton Santiago (York, PA), Patricia Tomes (Dover, PA), Gerald S. Van Scyoc (Steubenville, OH), Autumn Wright (Hellam, PA).

December 5, 2019 – January 11, 2020
100 UNDER $100 

Opening Reception: December 5 • 6-8 pm
Our annual “100 Under $100” exhibit is a small works exhibit boasting over 100 pieces of original art by 100 local and regional artists all priced under $100. Join us for the opening reception on Thursday December 5 from 6-8pm to get first pick of the artworks, which just happen to be great for gifting, too! Participating artists to be announced.

Creative York Project Space – 2019 Exhibits

January 3 – February 16, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 4 • 6-8 pm
WATER ER is an educational, multi-media traveling art exhibit focusing on the Susquehanna River – one of, if not the oldest river in the world and the longest river on the east coast of the US. The exhibit content expands further to the Susquehanna’s River’s major tributaries reaching the Chesapeake Bay and into the World’s Oceans, as all the waters of the world are connected. Participating artists include: Sela Bowman, Chelsea Caroline, Meisa Chase, Savannah Schroll Guz, Brandon James, Bryan Murch, Vanessa Nelson, Kate Rush-Cook, d.g. walczyk, and Carmen Walsh.

February 28 – April 20, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday February 28 • 6-8 pm
The Secret Garden is a personal account of an all too common yet painful narrative of the female experience. Just like a garden, female bodies have the ability to produce growth and endure loss, source pleasure and inflict pain, as well as create life and induce death. Through this installation, New York artist Carlie Sherry shares her story with the hope of empowering women to talk about this subject as it is often dealt with in secrecy, to have no more secrets in this garden.

May 2 – June 15, 2019
a collaborative educational exhibition between Ophelia Chambliss and Matthew Apol.
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 2 • 6-8 pm
Contrast is a visual representation of parallel experiences of race and racism across divergent perspectives of age and ethnicity. The function of the exhibition is to highlight, describe, and elaborate on the significant events regarding the differences and similarities in the ways that each artist has encountered and experienced racial tension over the course of their lives. Ophelia Chambliss is a female African American artist born in Chicago, Illinois. Matthew Apol is a male Caucasian American artist born in Michel, South Dakota.  With nearly 25 years between them, different ethnicity and geographic location has led Chambliss and Apol through two very different experiences regarding discrimination. Contrast offers viewers the opportunity to compare these experiences side by side and in contrast to each other.  To explore the perspective of two very different individuals while examining a very non-individual system of manipulation.

July 1 – August 10, 2019
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 11 • 6-8 pm
In the 2D and 3D installation, “HOME SWEET HOME”, the artist explores the real face of homelessness and community misconceptions surrounding those who struggle to find shelter. Breschi also seeks to dissolve public and private perceptions of the way a gallery should act and look and to transform the space into a deeply meaningful educational experience.

August 23 – September 21, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday, August 23 • 6-8 pm
This installation by Abigail Wilson-Kageni follows three high school seniors as they take a road trip together during their last summer before they all part to pursue their lives as adults. Experimenting with different art mediums to bring this story to life – from mini animations to modeled sets – Wilson-Kageni’s goal is to bring the audience into the environment to experience and examine the emotions of the characters involved during this turning point in their lives.

October 3 – November 16, 2019

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3 • 6-8 pm  
Utilizing wooden mixed media panels as well as natural and man-made materials, this installation by the artists of DearKeystone will be exploring the loss of open space, how it changes our collective existence and how the intersection of human and wild landscapes impacts not only us but the creatures that must adapt to life in less than natural habitats.

December 5, 2019 – January 11, 2020

Opening Reception: December 5 • 6-8 pm  
Enter a magical world of floating paper wads, far removed from the everyday hustle-bustle.  Simply experience art for art’s sake – joyful, beautiful, fun!  Each one of the hundreds of paper bundles has been created from recycled paper and carefully hand-decorated.  Together, these little wads twist in the air currents and form shadows that create a playful, ever-changing environment. The brother/sister team of David Engdahl and Ellen Engdahl Ehlenbeck will be collaborating on this stunning installation.

Artist opportunities at Creative York: If you are an artist looking for opportunities to exhibit at Creative York, please click HERE for information about upcoming Calls For Art and submission information about The Project Space.


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