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Participating Merchants

May 17, 2016
17 May 2016
The Watchmakers Daughter

The Watchmaker’s Daughter

Indigo Bleu

Indigo Bleu

Nuts About Granola

Nuts About Granola


Sweet Melissa’s Dream

Imagine Your Yoga

Imagine Your Yoga

Elizabeth + West Fashion House

Elizabeth + West Fashion House


I-RON-IC (front)


I-RON-IC (back)

Art Framing Warehouse

Art & Framing Warehouse

Cheri Anne Designs

Cheri Anne Designs

Foster's Flowers

Foster’s Flowers

My Girlfriends Wardrobe

My Girlfriend’s Wardrobe

Gallery B

Gallery B

Escape Games

Escape Games

Sunrise Soap Company

Sunrise Soap Company

Brittany Emory

May 9, 2016
09 May 2016

Brittany graduated from Messiah College with a degree in Art Education, specializing in the 2D arts, such as painting and printmaking. She also has experience in ceramics, sculpture, and digital photography. This fall, Brittany will be teaching a beginner painting class.

Christina Fritz

May 9, 2016
09 May 2016

Christina-FritzChristina Fritz graduated from Kutztown University with a degree in Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture. Christina also works with fiber art, including hand-spinning wool and knitting. She fell in love with the creative atmosphere of an abstract classroom while coordinating the Art in the Park program and looks forward to growing her creative processes and sharing art with many ages.

Stephanie Holmes

May 9, 2016
09 May 2016

Since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Millersville University, Steph has taught at multiple art centers and traveled to several craft schools around the country to pick up new creative skills. She currently teaches ceramics, drawing, and mixed media collage classes here at Creative York. Steph believes that art education can be essential to someone’s growth as a person and wants to share and facilitate that growth for other people.

Kayla Krebs

May 9, 2016
09 May 2016


Kayla Krebs has been working with Creative York/YorkArts since 2009. She is involved in the Art in the Park program, teaching classes, and gallery sitting. In the past, she has been a judge for the Yorkfest Children’s Exhibit and the Yorkfest Chalk Walk contest. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Kutztown University.

Request a Donation from Creative York

February 16, 2016
16 Feb 2016

This page is for the purpose of requesting a donation from Creative York.

Creative York makes a point of engaging with our community. To this end, we donate a limited amount of services every year. Those donations normally take two forms: event space or class gift certificates. We prefer to donate to other non-profits or to educational institutions in York County, Pennsylvania. Creative York does not make monetary donations.

Please note that Creative York receives many donation requests. All requests are read as received. You will hear back from us within two weeks if your request has been approved. Please do not fill out the form more than once for the same request.

We prefer to spread our donations around, so we do not donate more than once to an entity per calendar year.

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Snow Day – 2/9/16

February 9, 2016
09 Feb 2016


Creative York is closed Tuesday, Feb 9, due to snow! Classes today have been postponed. The gallery will be open again on Thursday, Feb 11, from 10a-2p and 6-8p for the opening reception of “Creative York Teaching Artists” and “Specimens.”

Phone Lines Down

December 15, 2015
15 Dec 2015

Phone lines down

The phone company is working to fix the issue, but until further notice we can be reached by email. Be sure to leave your phone number in the email so we can call you back from our cell phones. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Monster Drawing Rally

November 4, 2015
04 Nov 2015

Monster Drawing Rallies were initially conceived by Southern Exposure in San Francisco, and have been recreated by nonprofit organizations in cities like Richmond, Brooklyn, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and now YORK! Part performance, part art-bazaar, the Monster Drawing Rally offers a rare opportunity to watch artists work and then purchase their completed pieces! See art-making in action; connect with local artists; mingle with friends! Food and beverages will be available on site for purchase.

WHEN: Thursday, December 10 • 6 – 9:30 pm

WHERE: Central Market, 34 W Philadelphia Street, York

ADMISSION: $5/person (Kids under 10 – FREE)

Join us for this incredible live drawing event that helps support local artists! A small portion of artwork sales also benefits Creative York’s arts education and creative programs for kids and adults in York County.


Participating Artists: Ashley Boyer, Mark Broomell, Christopher Carpenter, Ophelia Chambliss, Averie Clark, Peter Danko, Ellen Ehlenbeck, Anya Felch, Elia Filippone, Elizabeth Fullam, Keith Gurnee, Erin Holberg, Isaac Horning, Roxanne Hotaling. Jim Howard, Catherine Hoy, Paul Kaspick, Lindsey Keeney Richards, Heather Klinefelter, Brooke Leahy, Jessica Lee, Mitch Miller, Carol Oldenburg, Kara Oldenburg-Gonzales, Chelsey Reisinger, Dillon Samuelson, Susan Scofield, Rachael Scott, Dirk Shearer, Ryan Spadaro, Mylea Thompson, Maria Tomassetti, Amelia Trettel, J’San Washington, Emily White, Rita Whitney, Terri Yacovelli
Blank Page to Painting in 28 Seconds

York artist Peter Danko creates a painting in 25 minutes, shown in 28 seconds in this time-lapse video. Danko was one of 25 local artists participating in the 2015 Monster Drawing Rally, where artists created work from scratch in 25 minutes.

2015 Creative York Awards

September 16, 2015
16 Sep 2015

The Creative York Awards celebrate creativity in our community.

Individuals, organizations, events, and/or businesses are honored during the event. Their stories will be told in the weeks leading up to the big night. The awards also promote visibility, economic development and the innovative spirit of the thriving Creative York community. All ticket proceeds benefit Creative York’s arts education and creative programs for kids and adults in York County.
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